The Eagle series offers a stylish high bay lighting design, combined with high light output and low energy costs. Added to this high-performance unit, is the ability to configure the luminaire output to the application needed. In other words, by simply rotating the selector knob located on the outside of the unit, the user may select a range from 1,250 to 25,000 lumens.


One universal high bay luminaire for multiple applications! Stylishly designed for commercial, retail, office space, warehousing, manufacturing, or any large indoor spaces that require high levels of lighting.

grey finish

1,250 - 25,000 LM

color temperature




specification sheet

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technical specifications
150+ Lumens per watt
Universal voltage 120-347V
Adjustable lumens from 1,250 to 25,000
10-step field adjustable knob
Elegant look with easy Install
Replaces 400W, 6-T8 or 4-T5HO high bays
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specification sheets

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