When considering your outdoor security lighting needs, a more powerful light will literally secure a larger area.

Offering our highest lumen output ever in such a compact form factor, the Triton definitely packs a punch. Its twin head design lets you light two different areas with one light source, while the adjustable photocell avoids wasting energy during daytime. The Triton outputs 6000 lumens, dimmable to 4000 lumens and offers a selectable color temperature of 4K or 5K.

Don't be fooled by its small footprint, the Triton is the most effective night watchman you can hire. You can be sure that nothing can escape its watchful eyes, until it automatically clocks out at dawn.

black finish dark bronze finish

4000 - 6000 lumens

selectable color temperature

4K - 5K



specification sheet

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  • 50,000 hours LED Lifetime
  • Adjustable photocell to control the sensitivity of the dusk-dawn feature
  • Compact Design with high performance output
  • Dusk to Dawn photocell
  • High lumen output
  • Tool-free friction tight adjustments
specification sheets