The Pinnacle series RGB & Tunable White controller, in conjunction with wireless remote, will allow you to create an infinite amount of color designs and looks for any application. In addition, the tuneable white feature delivers a white color temperature range from 1800K to 6500K. Both the controller and remote are included in the package.

specification sheet

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technical specifications
TL-RGB-CTLR = RGB & Tunable White Controller and Remote - 24V
TL-WIFI-CTLR = WIFI & RF controller for RGBW and RGB-CCT tape light - 12-24V DC - 3A x 5 channels (15A Max)
TL-RGBW-RMT = RGBW RF remote for Pinnacle Tape Light
TL-RGBCCT-RMT = RGB+CCT RF remote for Pinnacle Tape Light

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