The Pinnacle series 2-PIN screw connector collection will provide a superior connection between LED tape light applications and the power supply. As an added feature to a screw style connector; efficient and continuous power flow through any connection.

They are designed with a minimal footprint to ensure they have a minimal presence in tight spaces. This collection is offered in four (4) versions to accommodate various installation requirements.

technical specifications
TL-STT-2-10 = 2-Pin Screw Connector - Tape to Tape - 8-10mm
TL-SJOIN8-2-10 = 2-Pin Screw Connector - Tape to Tape with 8" Wire - 8-10mm
TL-STW8-2-10 = 2-Pin Screw Connector - Tape to Wire Lead (8”) - 8-10mm
TL-SLTT-2-10 = 2-Pin Screw Connector - Tape to Tape L Corner - 8-10mm
TL-EXT6FT-2-10 = 2-Pin Screw Connector - 6 Foot Extension - 8-10mm

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