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COVID-19: Notice to our clients and partners

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| 2020-03-24

Dear Clients and Partners,

Our employees’ health and safety is paramount to us. Effective immediately, we have therefore decided to work remotely from our home offices.

Despite the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, your NDR team members in both Canada and the United States can be reached by phone for any of your inquiries (see below) or by filling out our contact form.

Direct Sales Team: Canada and North Eastern USA
  • Michael Todi, Vice-President of sales: 1-514-518-3680 (SK, MB, WI, MI, IL, IA)
  • Mark Franks, Director of sales: 1-403-828-1203 (BC, AB, YK, WA, AK)
  • Neil Cabral, Director of sales: 1-905-923-0720 (ON, OH, MI, IN, IL)
  • Sean Planche, Director of sales: 1-438-862-9060 (ON, NY, PA, NJ, MD, DE)
  • Jay De La Durantaye, Director of sales: 1-514-519-0267 (QC, ATL, VT, ME, MA, NH, CT, RI)
Direct Sales Team: USA
  • Jamie Neal, Vice-President of Sales USA: 1-980-254-4368 (CA)
  • Chuck Brock, Director of sales: 1-980-254-3570 (MS, AR, TN, IN, KY)
  • David Gazdak, Director of sales: 1-980-254-3832 (S FL)
  • Tracy Neal, Regional sales manager: 1-980-254-3626 (NC, SC, VA, WVA)
  • Rick Bubenik, Regional sales manager: 1-980-254-3638 (W TX, W OK)
  • David Ellen, Regional sales manager: 1-980-254-3729 (E TX, LA, E OK)
  • Andy Wicklund, Regional sales manager 1-262-665-6099 (CO, AZ, NM, KS, NE, WY)
  • Greg Amos, Regional sales manager 1-980-254-3530 (MO, IL, S IN)
  • Don DeVries, Regional sales manager 1-980-213-6501 (AL, N FL, GA)

As a responsible corporate citizen, NDR urges individuals and companies to take all preventive measures necessary to contain the spread of this virus, such as:

  • Frequent handwashing
  • Maintaining an appropriate social distance (i.e. at least six feet apart)
  • Not sharing your tools with others